Friday, August 30, 2013

Alpha Centauri & Beyond Online Radio by D Wayne Dworsky | BlogTalkRadio

Alpha Centauri & Beyond Online Radio by D Wayne Dworsky | BlogTalkRadio

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  1. We were to have Robert Zubrin talk about Manned Space Travels on our September 16, 2013 show. A problem arose and he was unable to participate in the show. The interview was rescheduled for October 14 in a show called, Terra-Forming Mars. In that show a technical glitch prevented us from accommodating Doctor Zubrin.

    Problems with Robert Zubrin.

    Our first show with Doctor Zubrin, entitled, Manned Space Travel, was supposed to air September 16, 2013 at 8 pm ET. Although the show aired and Melissa and I were able to utilize our script in order to present fine arguments for our theme, Doctor Robert Zubrin was unable to participate for personal reasons. Ok, so we looked at our upcoming show themes and realized that another topic involved Mars and terra-forming. “Wow,” I thought, “this is right up his alley.” Robert Zubrin is a well-known advocate of Mars missions and in particular, he has expressed an intense interest to terra-form the planet for future human colonization. So I informed him that we could reschedule his interview to be included with the show, “Terra-Forming Mars.”

    Now, all is well. We begin an exhaustive campaign to promote the show scheduled to air Monday, October 14 at 8 pm ET. The promotion campaign was a big success. We were able to reach out to the most remote corners of pod-casting communities to convince people to listen to the important message we needed to share with our listening public. We even got the word out on the streets of New York by making public appeals to listen to the show.

    The day finally caught up to us. We prepared ourselves for the big event. And when the time came, we dove into action only to find a horrible glitch in the technology that drives pod-casting. This drove an infectious wedge between our show and our airing of the show. Consequently, we had to cancel the show and lose Doctor Robert Zubrin’s participation. That left me with such an empty feeling since we were so well-prepared.

    The problem that arose would not allow me (the host) to join the platform (in the studio) with my Melissa Macfie, (co-host,) Consequently, she was left with the burden of the show’s mic and without Robert Zubrin. This was very unsettling to say the least. Once I was able to rectify the situation and restore the platform, we immediately redid the show, less Robert Zubrin. So, as it stands now, we have a complete show, just the way it should be with all the dazzling arguments and touching all the bases, but without Doctor Robert Zubrin. So, even though you will see a lot of head shops and hype about Zubrin, you will not get to hear him on Alpha Centauri & Beyond. Still, listeners are encouraged to listen to the show as it stands since vital details come up that need to be addressed.