Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alpha Centauri & Beyond - Alien Worlds!

Alpha Centauri & Beyond will present a talk radio show slated to air sometime in August. This show will feature discussions about alien worlds and alien beings, among other things alien. Our hope is to stimulate those fascinated with science and science fiction. Through our discussions, we aim to raise the consciousness of our larger world--our world beyond the solar system. With a quest that is mind-boggling we will make bold mission out into the cosmos to discovery new worlds and maybe new beings. Who knows? We find ourselves at the forefront of exploration as did Columbus in 1492. Remember, it is our human instinct to explore. We must...and we will. Stay tuned for more. dwd

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blog Talk Radio Presents: Alpha Centauri & Beyond

Alpha Centauri & Beyond has arived at Blog Talk Radio

Our premiere show will feature venturing out into the galaxy, en route to Alpha Centauri, our closest star system. Even so, the distances are so great that they defy our understanding. Still, we must reach out to the stars, seeking discoveries, as did Columbus in 1492. We must risk our lives to embark on such an adventure. On the other hand, we can make such an expedition in our minds, through the wonder of science fiction. We will talk about both worlds--the world of the cosmos and the world of fiction.

Some of the questions we may dare to ask: 1) Could there be a habitable planet in Alpha Centauri? 2) Could there be life at Alpha Centauri? 3) Is it possible for humans to travel to Alpha Centauri? Current technology would take 62,000 years to reach the system. (Even at one-tenth light speed, it would still take 40 years.) 4) How could we stay alive in a vessel for 40 years?